Alumni Profiles

Nyla Betancourt

Robotics 7
  • Nyla attended RJ Frank Academy of Marine Science & Engineering.
  • While at RJ Frank Nyla participated in robotics, MESA, honors, WEB, cheer and softball.
  • Now at Channel Islands High School, Nyla has told us that the skills she acquired at Frank and utilizes now in high school are the organizational and problem solving skills she learned in Robotics. Using the engineering notebooks and setting due dates is now helping her better organize all her school assignment. Using the design process helped strengthen her problem solving skills and she now perseveres to find solutions to problems in all aspects of her life.
  • At RJ Frank Nyla enjoyed working in teams in Robotics, WEB and softball. She appreciated being able to work in a fun environment with her friends. She now feels more confident working in groups in high school.
  • Today Nyla is taking honors and AP classes in high school. She is involved in Student government and is the freshman publicists.  She is part of the RAR (Raiders against Animal Cruelty) club and is going to try out for the softball team.
  • For college Nyla plans on graduating with a PhD from UC San Diego and becoming a pediatrician.
  • Nyla’s future goal is to help and inspire as many people as she can.

Nicholas Lingad

  • Nicholas attended RJ Frank Academy of Marine Science & Engineering
  • He was a part of the first cohort of students to participate in an exploratory STEM class and Robotics. He stated that the Robotics class sparked an interest in a future career and taught him to problem solve while having fun.
  • When interviewed Nicholas said “finding other routes to a different solution became second nature once I left Frank”
  • Nicholas feels that because of the support he received from his teachers at Frank he was encouraged to join a variety of clubs and challenging classes in high school.
  • Today Nicholas is a junior at Oxnard High School. He is currently taking 3 AP classes as a junior, one of which is AP Computer Science Principles.  He participates in the Geo and Knowledge Bowls, Key Club, CSF, Filipinx and is the vice president of the Book Club.
  • As of March 2109, Nicholas was accepted to UCLA for computer engineering!