R.J. Frank Wins “Excellence Award”

Our Robotics women attended the “all-girls” VEX showcase at La Reina High School on March 16, 2019. The team, lead by Hazel Acosta, received the “Excellence Award”. The judges deemed our team to be excellent across the board. The team excelled in all the following categories: build design, knowledge of build, perseverance in design, engineering notebook organization and overall professionalism.

Our teams use the design process to improve their builds all year. It is great to have them acknowledged for all their hard work, sacrifice and excellence!

Hazel receiving her award


“Toby” Wins 3rd Place at Skoolcade

Reylene and Diana proudly accepted the 3rd place award for their design of the video game “Toby”. Reylene took the lead coding the game using Scratch and Diana created all the artwork for the game. The game is truly unique and a genuine blend of their talents and hard work. Diana’s mother often wondered what she was working on late during school nights. It turns out she was perfecting the setting and character drawings for the game, paying attention to every detail and shadow. As they worked on the game in class the pair often was deep in thought problem solving the code or laughing together while enjoying coming up with new ideas.

The Skoolcade competition took place at Rio Vista Middle School on June, 2nd. Attendees were able to play all the submitted games. Diana and Reylene were also interviewed by a panel of judges. We are proud of their hard work and creativity. Way to go!

Also at the competition were some of our favorite Robotics alumni, now representing Pacifica. Our alumni, Calvin and Jason, won third place in the high school category. It was great to see our alumni continue to pursue computer engineering and doing great!

Game creators Diana & Reylene accepting their award
Calvin and Jason with Pacifica code teacher Mr. Ceara

R.J. Frank Robotics Team Competes at Grace Brethren

At competition yet again, this time at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. On Saturday, January 20, our robotics team rose early to make the 45 minute drive to Simi Valley. The doors for the competition opened at 7 am and our team set up all their equipment and got their robots ready for inspections. Our teams, 3064E and 3064D, scouted out their competition.

This was an all-middle-school competition which means our teams were going up against people their same age. In previous competitions, we had to compete against high schoolers that had more experience and knowledge with this program. So, competing against only middle schoolers would give our teams a better chance of winning.

After our teams went through inspections, they prepared their robots for the qualifying matches. They had batteries on chargers ready to be put into use for competition time. After a few hours or preparations, the qualifying matches began at about 10 am.

The robots did have a few mishaps with both their mechanisms and with their electrical system, but our teammates used problem solving skills to try and work out these issues. After a few more hours, at about 2 pm, the qualifying matches were over and it was time for the top eight teams to choose alliance partners for finals. In the end, the eighth seed team chose 3064E to be their alliance partner.

The competition was over at around 4 pm and despite all the mishaps and problems, our two teams did well and gained good experience for future competitions. Our girls got ideas for mechanisms and build ideas for our all-girls competition in La Reina. Our team went home inspired and with a new motivation for our next competition.