Thank you for supporting our fundraiser on december 12th!!!

We need the community’s help to keep our Robotics program going.  Each year we lose materials due to normal wear and tear and need to replace them.  These materials range from wires, to motors, to laptops.  Funds are also required for competition materials and registration.  In addition, we have a large upcoming need.  The VEX materials we use now have updated motor and sensor components.  It is therefore necessary to transition our outdated materials over the next few years.  The transition will cost us over $10,000 dollars.

If you are willing to help in any way please send a cash or check donation (checks payable to: R. J. Frank Robotics) to our school.  We are also looking for corporate sponsorship with our local businesses. Please contact us for more information.

We are happy to provide a tax receipt from our school for your donation.

For more information about sponsoring Frank Robotics please contact Poem Hanna

Thank you for your support of R. J. Frank Robotics!




  • Name/company logo on all Frank Robotics clothing and print materials
  • Name/company logo listed as prominent sponsor on Frank Robotics website
  • Frank Robotics sponsor package



  • Name/company logo listed on Robotics website
  • Frank Robotics sponsor package



  • Name listed on Frank Robotics website
  • Frank Robotics sweatshirt or shirt